Blind and Partially Sighted

We manufacture a range of signs, reading and writing aids for the blind and visually impaired (people with low vision). These handy devices are made from durable PVC and polypropylene. You can choose from a range of colours with your company logo and information printed if desired. Most of our customers choose black or yellow plastic.

Amongst our customers are RNIB, Action for the Blind and many Low Vision Society's in the UK.

Please note our minimum order requirements are in each product description.

PVC Clipboard

A durable oversized A4 yellow clipboard with a large plastic black clip to help keep paper in place. A pen loop is located to bottom right-hand side to secure a pen. Either or both sides can be screen printed.

Overall size: 250mm x 380mm - MOQ: 100



A6 Pocket Diary Cover

This flexible PVC Cover holds and protects a large print diary. The diary insert easy slips in and out of the internal pockets. Covers are hot foil blocked to one position in black foil.

Closed size: 115mm x 155mm - MOQ: 500



Door Hanger

A yellow plastic door hanger can be hung on door handles or many other objects. Screen printed one side only.

Overall Size: 90mm x 180mm - MOQ: 500



Door Sign

A yellow plastic door sign can be applied to doors or other objects by self-adhesive fixings. Screen printed one side only.

Overall Size: 215mm x 100mm - MOQ: 500



Envelope Guide

A plastic device to help write an address on an envelope in a neat line. Space to write up to five lines of an address. Made from heavy duty black polypropylene. Guide can be screen printed if required.

Overall Size: 130mm x 115mm - MOQ: 2,000



Wallet with Signature Guide & Note Checker

A handy plastic wallet available in various colours. Holds a signature guide and note checker. Items available in sets or individually. Wallets can be hot foil blocked or screen printed.

Closed size: 110mm x 75mm - MOQ: 500



Note Checker

The note checker is an effective guide that will help you identify exactly the denomination and value of a banknote. Made from medium weight polyprop. A company logo can also be screen printed to the front.

Closed Size: 85mm x 60mm - MOQ: 2,000



Reading Guide Set

These black plastic reading guides have a cut-out section, to reduce glare and the amount of text visible to read, making it easier to focus on a line of text. Available in a mixed pack of four for different types of books.

Overall Size: 200mm x 220mm - MOQ: 500



Signature Guide

The signature guide has a cut out slot which can be positioned in the signature line of forms and documents, enabling you to sign documents correctly. Plastic available in a small range of colours. Screen printed one or two colours to one side.

Overall Size: 102mm x 63mm - MOQ: 2,000