How We Recycle

As a manufacturer we wish to participate in protecting the planet and to achieve this we not only have an environmental policy which takes steps towards producing environmentally responsible products, we regrind our waste PVC. This is then reprocessed for use in our own products.

There are no dangerous emissions during the manufacturing process, neither does the material contribute to groundwater pollution in landfill. All our plastic conforms to European and US Legislation for food use, which means that you have the peace of mind that it meets the strictest requirements for any use.

PVC is one of the most environmentally friendly plastics as it can be recycled relatively easily. We believe we are the only UK manufacturer of PVC products in our field that recycle from our own waste stream and re-use it. If you return any 20 20 products after it has finished its useful life, we’ll aim to recycle it for future projects.

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